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Family Resilience Program

For over four decades, the Parent Resource Centre has empowered parents with specialized services to address the needs of families in our community who require parenting support. 

The PRC’s Family Resilience Program (FRP) offers parenting support services that are client-centered and trauma-informed to all parents and caregivers in the Greater Ottawa Area. The FRP provides parenting resources, parenting workshops, situational counselling, advocacy, and collaboration with other professionals to support families. All families with children aged 0-18 are eligible. 


Parenting children can be challenging because children do not come with a manual. The FRP team understands and aims to support parents in navigating children’s development, healthy attachment, development of positive parenting skills and behavioural guidance. We help families to access resources, gain new parenting skills and build trusting relationships with the children in their lives.   

We offer a number of services to support parents and caregivers including: 

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