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Welcome to the Ottawa Parent Resource Centre! 

At PRC, we’re focused on children and the families who love them. 


Communities where all children discover and develop skills to live the best life possible.


The Parent Resource Centre (PRC) helps build confident, resilient families in Ottawa. We provide engaging high-quality programs, a wide variety of social services and supportive resources for children, youth, parents and caregivers in a welcoming environment. 


PRC Values


PRC is a not-for-profit, charitable organization.  We provide an inclusive, holistic space for play, learning and support. Though we are located in Central East Ottawa (Sandy Hill), our programs and services are open to all Ottawa families. 

Our Programs and Services are open to families city-wide across Ottawa and include:

At the PRC we provide parents, caregivers and professionals with the tools, supports and services they need to create safe and healthy environments for children to thrive and grow. We also help to foster the support children need to discover and develop physical, cognitive, emotional, and social skills that will enable them to live the best life possible, regardless of barriers they may face. 


The Parent Resource Centre believes in fostering a sense of social responsibility within our community and looks forward to welcoming families and hearing from you about your needs and how we can best support your family. 


Thank you for your interest in the Parent Resource Centre.  We look forward to seeing you soon! 


Our Board of Directors has set a five-year roadmap to help us increase our community outreach and serve more parents, caregivers, families and professionals each year.

Strategic Plan
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