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In-Home Parenting Support

The PRC’s Family Resilience Program supports families in the Greater Ottawa Area who are experiencing economic, structural and social barriers. FRP’s In-Home Parenting Support is prioritized for vulnerable high-risk families who are experiencing challenges with their children and are looking to access community parenting services.  


Our In-Home Parenting Support is one-on-one and client centered. This support is provided in the environment the family is most comfortable in, such as at home, virtually, at the Parent Resource Centre, or in a community space.    

The PRC’s In-Home Parenting Support team provides various parenting supports including (though not limited to) education on topics relevant to your unique circumstances, such as:   


  • Building healthy relationships between parents and children   

  • Child development and age-appropriate milestones  

  • Child behaviour guidance   

  • Managing temperament challenges (eg. tantrums, challenges transitioning, emotional or physical stressors)   

  • Establishing rules and routines 

  • Health and safety   

  • Parental stress and self-care   

  • Assistance with social service system navigation   

  • Advocacy/collaboration with other service providers    

  • Short-term situational counselling (as it relates to parenting stressors)   

The In-Home Parenting Support team supports parents and caregivers to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in raising their children, including children with challenging behaviours, developmental delays, and/or mental health diagnoses.   


To receive more information in participating or to refer a client to the PRC’s In-Home Parenting Support please contact:

613-565-2467  OR 

FRP Client Intake Form

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