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Kimberley Hogan

Communications and Community Engagement Officer

Passionate about happy, healthy children, the Parent Resource Centre is a natural fit for Kimberley who is now in her 7th year with the PRC.

Energetic and creative, Kimberley brings a wide range of skills and experience to the position of Communications and Community Engagement Officer with PRC, most importantly communications and resource development, but also other areas including strategic planning, special events, management of volunteers, project management, and electronic information management.  With over 25 years experience in not-for-profit, charity and government organizations the opportunity to work with, and for children & youth is always a highlight for Kim.

Raised in Kingston, Kim attended the University of Ottawa where she earned a B.A. in Communications and worked for several years after in Ottawa.  After a few brief but interesting moves with her partner in Ontario (including Toronto, South Porcupine and her parents’ basement) Kim and family settled back in Ottawa and have not looked back.

Previous experience with children and youth include Big Sisters of Ottawa, Champions for Children Foundation, and the Adoption Council of Canada.  At the Adoption Council of Canada, Kimberley worked as the Project Manager for their “Best Practices for recruiting families for hard to place children and youth” project, which produced a national best-practices’ guide and workshops for social workers and families alike.

Kim and her family are happy advocates for adoption and the importance of supporting all kinds of families in the parenting adventure.  She shares the strong belief with PRC that working with parents has a grounding and lasting impact on the individuals, the family as a whole, and the children as they move through life, become their best selves, and potentially become parents themselves.

Home is a busy place with her partner, spicy teen, 2 dogs, a judgmental cat, and 2 chill goldfish.  Kim enjoys gardening, family outings, camping and new experiences. And quiet time…which hopefully leads to a nap.

(613) 565-2467 ext:238

Kimberley Hogan
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