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Supporting Neighbourhood Caregivers


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Cathy Cadieux
Margo Sargent
Oct-23-18 à Nov-6-18
Linda Denny
Linda Denny
Multiple Birth Class
Oct-27-18 à Oct-28-18
Multiple Birth Class
Oct-27-18 à Oct-28-18

Supporting Neighbourhood Caregivers (SNC) is a training program for parents and caregivers who are unable to access other parent education courses offered in the community. SNC is designed to respond to meet the needs of these individuals by:

  • Providing the training free of charge
  • Providing childcare
  • Providing cultural interpretation when needed
  • Providing access to transportation as required
  • Providing hands-on learning through games, videos, discussions
  • Using selective written materials
  • Bringing the training into the neighbourhoods where participants live
  • Adapting the training to focus on class needs

Each session is

  • Approximately 2 hours long
  • Offered over 6-8 weeks

Topics generally include


  • Starting your own daycare
  • Child development
  • Safety
  • Nutrition
  • Behaviour guidance
  • Information about local resources
  • And other topics selected by participants

SNC operates from the Parent Resource Centre in partnership with

  • Carlington Community Health Centre
  • Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre
  • South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre

For more information on the Supporting Neighbourhood Caregivers contact the Program Coordinator at (613) 565-2467, ext. 224.

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