Family Dance
Dates: Nov 18, 2017
Times: 3:30-5:00 pm

A family dance is a community dance specifically geared towards kids and the adults that they bring. It's about parents/adults dancing with kids in a fun, lively, and guided atmosphere! There is always fantastic LIVE celtic/quebecois music and all the dances are taught by a caller.


Family dances are for ALL ages! The dances are geared towards ages 3 and up although younger ones can definitely join in and wee wee ones can participate in backpacks or slings. :)


Do we need any experience? NO WAY! While folks who have danced before will have a blast, parents and kids with no dance experience can easily do these dances and have a great time too! Remember, you're supported by the caller, the dances are easy to follow, and they are focused on fun! This is a great way to get your body moving to fantastic rhythms and feel connections in ways we don't always get in our daily lives.


Churchill Recreation Centre - 345 Richmond Road, Ottawa.

Fees: Cost:$20 for a family (max 2 adults) OR $10 for everyone 16 yrs and above, $5 for 3-15 yrs old, free 0-2 yrs old. These prices include HST.
Provided by: Ottawa Contra Dance
Event website: Visit website