Lunchbox workshop
Dates: Oct 11, 2017
Times: 5:45 pm - 7:45 pm

The lunchbox routine has restarted recently.  Are you already running out of meal ideas?  Sign up for this workshop to get pratical tips for fast and healthy lunch ideas that will be appealing to your children.

       This workshop willl:

- Inform you on healthy eating

- Give you information on the right choices to make at the grocery store

- Give you the chance to cook simple and fast recipes for lunches with the dietitian

- Send you home with a lunch for the next day for your child


Please bring 1 plastic container (sandwich format) 1 plastic container (snack format)


270 Marier Avenue

Ottawa, ON

K1L 5P8

Fees: Free
Provided by: Dietitian OEYC Ottawa Vanier
Contact: Geneviève Jolicoeur
Phone: 613-744-2892 x1432