Grandparents Caring for their Grandchildren under the age of 6
Dates: Oct 25, 2017
Times: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Are you a grandparent who looks after your grandchildren while their parents work? Are you a parent who calls on your own parents for regular child care? This can be a great arrangement, and it works even better if issues are discussed as they come up. This workshop will explore some of the advantages and drawbacks people experience, both as parents and as grandparents. It will help you start the conversation and point to solutions, whether you’re already in the situation or just thinking about it. Note: Both grandparents and parents will benefit from this workshop, whether they come alone or together.  


EYC Ottawa-Olréans

240 Centrum Blvd.
Olréans ON
Fees: Free
Provided by: Betsy Mann, Certified Canadian Family Educator
Contact: OEYC Ottawa-Orléans
Event website: Visit website
Phone: 613-830-4357