Home Alone & Street Proofing
Dates: Jun 17, 2017

Each participant receives a student manual and a wall certificate.


Home Alone, 2 hours, 9 to 12 years

Based on the Canada Safety Council training course, this program is designed to provide children with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe, responsible and feel more secure when home alone. This workshop will help children develop important techniques when handling potentially dangerous situations. Topics include: Who’s at the door, answering the phone, feeling scared, establishing a routine, what is an emergency, calling 911, basic first aid and what to do in case of a fire or severe storm. Group activities and role-playing are key components to this workshop. 


Street Proofing, 1 hour, 9 to 12 years

This workshop, designed by the Ottawa Safety Council, is geared to help children recognize potentially dangerous situations and develop street-smart personal safety tools. Topics include: Identifying dangerous situations, trusting your instinct, as well as how to make safe choices, keep a safe distance, say NO, attract attention, and identify common lures. The idea of a family password will be introduced, and a family emergency plan worksheet is provided. Through discussions, role playing and other interactive teaching methods children will learn vital skills for keeping safe.


Ottawa Safety Council (classroom)

301 Moodie Drive

Ottawa, Ontario

K2H 9C4

Suite 103

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