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Welcome! The Parent Resource Centre is a non-profit organization providing information, resources and services to parents, caregivers and professionals who work with families.

Please use the links on the left to browse our services for professionals. If this is your first visit to the website, our most popular resources are:

  • Resource Phoneline - This is a key resource for professionals. We regularly answer questions from support workers, childcare workers, teachers, EAP workers, health care professionals and many others.
  • Services for Families - Helping a family look for children and/or family services in Ottawa? Check out our Map!
  • Parent Education - What programs are available? How can I post my events and workshops on your calendar?

If you have questions, please don't hestitate to contact us!


Resources for Professionals
Posted May 3, 2016
Red Flags - A Quick Reference Guide for Early Years Professionals in Ottawa
Tip of the Day
Practise enjoying the moment. We tend to live in the future, planning and thinking "When the baby's asleep, I'll get some work done", "When he learns to talk, we'll have so much fun." Train yourself to live in the present. This wonderful time will pass very quickly and will never come again.
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