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What's going on at PRC


We are closed this week! Hope you see you all next week for regular programming! 

Our AC is still under repair BUT we have put in some portable air conditioning units to help cool down the place temporarily. All programs are scheduled to run as usual. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on future program cancellations. 


Thank you for your understanding.


In other news...


  • Ontario is ending fees for child care wait lists. Read more...

  • All programs at PRC will be closed between August 29th - September 2nd.

  • The French playgroups (Tuesday morning) are closed for the month of August. Regular programming will resume in September.


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For information on parenting supports and programs or

resources for families please call the

Parent Support and Information Resource Line at 

613-565-2467 ext. 222

Tip of the Day
If people are really pushing you to do something that feels wrong to you as a parent, you can say, "This is what works for our family."
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