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Donate now to make a difference in a child’s life.


Your contribution will help the children in our community develop the social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills they need to be confident, innovative and resilient leaders of tomorrow.


You can donate using a credit card, Paypal or a gift card by filling in the form below OR

 You can send us a cheque payable to:


Parent Preschool Resource Centre
300 Goulburn Private
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 1C9

 For more information call 613-565-2467

Our charitable number is 119076487RR0001

Tip of the Day
Practise enjoying the moment. We tend to live in the future, planning and thinking "When the baby's asleep, I'll get some work done", "When he learns to talk, we'll have so much fun." Train yourself to live in the present. This wonderful time will pass very quickly and will never come again.
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